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Newsletter Know-How Workshop

In a land before GDPR, my newsletter had over 7,000 subscribers. But, it’s not the size that counts… it’s what you do with it that matters! 

A mailing list isn’t only a brilliant way to keep in contact with your clients and customers. It’s also of influence for anyone wishing to book you as a speaker or give you an authors book contract. It’s understood that the bigger your audience the more sales, so anyone wishing to book you to speak at an event, knows you come with a ready made audience. 

As for clients, I know of people who have been on my mailing list for over six months just building up that ‘like, know and trust’ before booking an appointment with me. It’s about the value of the content. 

However, before they know how great your newsletter is, they need to sign-up for it first!

What you will learn in this three-hour workshop:

  • The boring stuff - GDPR! How to follow the rules when writing your sign-up copy.

  • The fun stuff - How to get people on your mailing list and for them to be delighted. 

  • The tech stuff - You will need a social media profile and/or a website. If you don’t have those… I’ll make you another workshop, just don’t come to this one! I’ll talk you through sign-up boxes, lead pages, newsletter providers and templates. 

I’m then happy to do one on ones holding the hand you're not typing with and mopping your brow.

Three hour workshop £45.00. Only 6 students. 

One to one tech work time £65.00 (Optional) 

23rd January 2019 10.00am to 1.00pm Weston super Mare

Email to join