Clear Confident Communication Training

Confidence is needed when in a one to one situation, within a group or even on stage giving a presentation. Not only will you sound your best, you will also be your best.

In this training, participants will develop individually tailored solutions, giving everyone involved a valuable and exciting opportunity to take away a personalised strategy for looking confident, delivering creative ideas and building impactful communication in their organisation and with clients. 

Becky Walsh worked in theatre for fifteen years as well as having done stand-up and presented on LBC and BBC radio and had her own TV show. She also works as a communications officer in local government.

Bespoke training packages include:

  • Develop interpersonal skills to enable effective business leadership and the positive use of power

  • Impactful solutions to in-house team communication and how to make fast correct decisions

  • Access instant intuition for ideas and decision-making

  • Establishing and re-establishing trust, values and ethics

  • Customer communication and sales

  • How to read body language and phone voice tone

  • Establishing and re-establishing trust from customers and work colleagues, by developing personal values and how to communicate those through actions and words.

  • People reading skills for customer communication for a deeper understanding of customer needs leading to faster sales and less time wasting with the wrong clients!

  • Communication between men and women, looking at the differences in perception between the two sexes, and how to overcome miscommunication.

  • How to act confident even when you’re not feeling it

  • How to build confidence in others