Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is how we understand and control our own emotions and how we empathise and work with the emotions of others.

Let’s be honest, in working situations there are a number of factors that can add to your stress: workload, time frames, feeling like you’re out of your depth.

And yet the number one stress trigger is often other people!

Learning how to deal with your own emotions and other people’s emotions means you can create a happy work environment and also get what you need from teams, stakeholders and customers.

You will learn your emotional triggers and how to move through your emotions so you can avoid hanging onto the extra stress your thoughts can create. Thus not ending up with stress related ill health.

You’ll also learn how to pay attention to body language and learn how to address people in a personal way that builds trust quickly.

What you will learn:

  • The three levels of active listening

  • Know your emotional triggers, how to drop negative emotions faster and how to take feedback

  • Exercising emotional self-control

  • How to read people, know what they want and how to build trust

  • Social intelligence how to read a room of people in a meeting, a job interview or when addressing an audience

  • Maximising team performance

  • Good self- management and self-awareness

  • Building influence within your industry

  • How to read body language and phone voice tone

As featured in The Sunday Times In Style Magazine May 2014