Brightlife - Isle of Man Retreat and Spa
to 26 Apr

Brightlife - Isle of Man Retreat and Spa

Intuitive clarity for life with Becky Walsh

Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go?

Whether it was leaving or starting a relationship, leaving a safe job, spending a large amount of money we all find ourselves facing big life change decisions with little evidence to make the right choice.

You can ask family and friends, but often, you become more confused with differing opinions. I am here to teach you that YOU DO KNOW, You are your wisest advisor.

You have a natural knowing within you that transcends logic, reason and experience -- and most definitely other people's opinions. You just might not have been taught how to hear your intuition via four intuitive systems and the brain in your gut and your heart.

By the end of the retreat you will be able to read the world, other people and yourself with such a depth that you will have more faith in yourself and the decisions for your future.

About Brightlife

Brightlife was set up to fulfil the vision of its principal and founder, by helping individuals understand and learn about themselves and further their own personal development. It is a world away from the pressures of everyday life; a haven for the soul.

We are a recognised centre for learning, renowned for our beautiful harmonious environment, sumptuous rooms, delicious food and attention to detail. Throughout the year, presenters are hand-picked to cover a wide variety of subjects.

With the addition of our new Spa, we now truly encompass the needs of Mind, Body and Spirit. Our holistic approach to well-being ensures our Spa is the perfect accompaniment to our courses, with the range of treatments being luxurious and indulgent, but also health giving and good for the soul. For corporate events our Boardroom offers presentation and conference facilities which sit alongside elegant décor and tranquil surroundings.

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Weston Literary Festival - Authors – How to get your book into the mainstream media!
to 1 Mar

Weston Literary Festival - Authors – How to get your book into the mainstream media!

Becky Walsh – Authors – How to get your book into the mainstream media! Sunday, 24 February 2019 from 10:30-11:30 Weston Museum

Hosted by Becky Walsh this talk will explain:
•What the different types of media (TV, Radio Press) are looking for
•How to create a press release
•Get clear on your story or message
•How to find contacts

Becky Walsh has never been shy of the media having hosted her radio show on LBC Radio, a late Friday night call-in advice and talk show.

She now freelances for BBC Radio Bristol. Becky’s TV show ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh’ aired across the ‘Made TV network’ weekly. She has also been spotted as a guest on ‘This Morning’ and ‘The one show’ to name a few. She has also been featured in Psychologies magazine, Woman and Home and The Daily Mail.

She’s a Hay House author of the book ‘You DO Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ which is published in four languages, as well as four more published books and one fiction book under the name Rebecca Stone. Becky is a sought-after speaker and has appeared at the world-renowned seminar ‘I can do it’,as well being a coach and script editor for TEDx speakers. She also writes for Huffington Post and Psychologies Magazine. Becky has a private practice as an intuitive catalyst in Weston super Mare. She also runs personal development classes in Weston.

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Ample at Achieve a two-day Health, Wealth and Happiness Show
to 14 Oct

Ample at Achieve a two-day Health, Wealth and Happiness Show

Achieve is coming to Bristol! A two-day Health, Wealth and Happiness Show will be in the city from 13th – 14th October 2018. Brilliant line-up of speakers including Gregg Wallace, Helen Lederer, Nigel Owens MBE and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and Ample’s own Becky Walsh. With workshops, cookery demonstrations and an exciting range of exhibitors, come along and be inspired to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Becky will be speaking both days on:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Becky Walsh Saturday 10:15 – 10:45 Sunday 11:45 – 12:15

In this talk, you'll learn how your intuition works, and how to read people by more than just the words that they say. You’ll be able to address people in a personal way that builds trust quickly, useful for sales, team building and advancing your business.

Get your business into the media with Becky Walsh Saturday 15:45 – 16:15 Sunday 15:00 – 15:30

Fancy having ‘As seen on the BBC’ branded onto your website? Nothing creates more trust than a media expert. You might feel you have nothing to say, but the likelihood is you do. 

Ample will also have a stand at the event.

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