One to one classes in Weston super Mare - An hour and a half each £49.99



Get your business into the media - one to one

Fancy having ‘As seen on the BBC’ branded onto your website? Nothing creates more trust then a media expert. You might feel you have nothing to say, but the likelihood is you do. What’s more this kind of advertising is totally free and works way better than a paid add. This class will show you how to create a press release, get clear on your story or message and you will be given media contacts that suit your story.


Video Presentation Skills - How To Be Confident on Camera - one to one

If I could make you one prediction, it would be this. That the screen you are reading will one day have very few words and everything will be filmed. it's a trend that the algorithms of online advertising are eating up like cupcakes. If you have a message or want to get your business seen, a video is a way to do it.

What to expect:
* Come with a script you'd like to work on or an idea of a film you'd like to make.
* You'll use the tips give and we will make your film.
* You'll come away with a film you can use for your business or message.

I loved the video presentation masterclass! It was a fun evening and the resulting 2 minute promo video is superb - I'm getting compliments for it already, and it was only posted online 2 hours ago.” Helen

Public speaking.jpg

Dynamic Public Speaking - one to one

Ever watched and thought you’d love to do that? I worked with the TEDx Bristol speakers helping them create a dynamic talk script and deliver it at the Colston Hall. Before becoming a coach I worked in theatre and know how to create stage presence and as an author, I know how to teach you to develop your authentic voice. One to one working on a project you have coming up, or eradicate any problem holding you back from presenting your best.

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How to create an online course - All you need to get started - one to one

If you've been thinking about creating an online course and then thought 'heck no' when you have looked at all the options this class is for you!
You are going to learn some good stuff to help you and your online passive income business thrive, without all the mind-numbing complications.