One to one classes in Weston super Mare - An hour £70.00



Get your business into the media - one to one

Fancy having ‘As seen on the BBC’ branded onto your website? Nothing creates more trust then a media expert. You might feel you have nothing to say, but the likelihood is you do. What’s more this kind of advertising is totally free and works way better than a paid add. This class will show you how to create a press release, get clear on your story or message and you will be given media contacts that suit your story.


Video Presentation Skills - How To Be Confident on Camera - one to one

If I could make you one prediction, it would be this. That the screen you are reading will one day have very few words and everything will be filmed. it's a trend that the algorithms of online advertising are eating up like cupcakes. If you have a message or want to get your business seen, a video is a way to do it.

What to expect:
* Come with a script you'd like to work on or an idea of a film you'd like to make.
* You'll use the tips give and we will make your film.
* You'll come away with a film you can use for your business or message.

I loved the video presentation masterclass! It was a fun evening and the resulting 2 minute promo video is superb - I'm getting compliments for it already, and it was only posted online 2 hours ago.” Helen

Public speaking.jpg

Dynamic Public Speaking - one to one

Ever watched and thought you’d love to do that? I worked with the TEDx Bristol speakers helping them create a dynamic talk script and deliver it at the Colston Hall. Before becoming a coach I worked in theatre and know how to create stage presence and as an author, I know how to teach you to develop your authentic voice. One to one working on a project you have coming up, or eradicate any problem holding you back from presenting your best.