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Do you have a book idea or is your head swimming with book ideas, but you’re not sure which to run with or how to start? 

Five published books and six e-books ago, I was just like you. I didn’t know if I had the talent for it or even a good idea, it all felt so daunting and to top it all off I am dyslexic. But that desire to write was strong, so I figured out a system to keep writing and keep my fears in check. It’s a system I have used with students in person for years, many of them are now published authors. I am delighted to share it globally, starting with you.

This six part course takes you from scattered ideas to a fully fleshed out book writing plan.

By the end of the course you’ll have:

  • The inspiration behind your writing

  • Power behind your words

  • Your mind empty for clarity

  • Your mind focused for productivity

  • The book started

  • Clear of resistance and fear around writing

The course is made up of films, worksheets, audio interviews and an eBook, all with the intention of pulling the information that will make you an author out of you.

By the end of it you should have:

A clear book idea, know your writers voice, all your ideas down ready to start writing, tools to clear resistance and procrastination. You will be ready to start writing with everything mapped out so it’s like ‘painting by numbers’!




BY BECKY WALSH £99.00 Sale now £49.00

Comment: Becky’s course is so accessible and immersive. I just could not tear myself away from it. I like the empowerment the course has afforded me, and believe that there is a book in me which can change peoples lives. Becky shares with you in the most accessible language, drawing upon her years of experience and education from working with people and following her intuition. I cannot recommend it enough. Christine Tanner

Do you have that nagging feeling that you want to do something to make the world better? Have you wondered if that’s just some ego nonsense? Do you feel your potential coursing through your veins, but you somehow you can’t get it focused?

I’m talking to you if you have been telling yourself that the white heat self-belief has to be burning brightly in you in every moment to succeed. And that you know, that in you, it doesn’t, so you think that means you're not ready! You might also take the fluctuation in your own radar to mean you're not good enough for task.

You admire others and wish one day to be like them, but can’t see that your own uniqueness is what’s called for by the world NOW!

Do you believe as you haven’t got ALL your shit together, you should give up until you have fixed that emotional fear before you can begin? I bring this up because as I have felt all this once too! It’s stressful and exhausting and above all it’s an absolute nonsense!

It’s time, it really is, you don’t have to wait to be ready. Greatness doesn’t just happen to other people, it can happen to you. And it would, if you knew, whatever it was…. Maybe you did once and forgot. But whatever, now is the time to step out of the excuses and into your powerful message.

If you have a genuine authentic need to make something amazing in the world, do not let you be the reason you don’t!

This course will help you:


  • Decide how you want to serve the world

  • Break through your resistance to greatness

  • Turn your mission into action

  • Your ready NOW and I’m here to show you that.

Becky has an in knack of encouraging her pupils to TRUST in themselves, and their ability to make change, which ultimately leads to a path of least resistance for those who have fear of change!!
Sarah - Past student