Our Vision

Educators out to change the world


Have you ever found yourself saying ‘I wish they taught this at school’. School teaches you skills to allow you to fit into society. However, society has grown to a point where it doesn’t always fit in with what it is to be human.  

We need extra skills to be able to thrive in a demanding world. 

Emotional resilience, emotional intelligence, self-faith, self-love and how to restore your vibrancy without the aid of chocolate cake or wine! 

This is personal development or self-help or mind-body-spirit or coaching or whatever you wish to call it, except here at Ample we see things more clearly. 

Many self-help teachings, even the spiritual ones, will try and correct you as if YOU are the problem, rather than you HAVE a problem. Your thoughts and your feelings need ‘reprogramming’ rather than understanding. If you have a bookshelf of self-help books that have never worked for you, you have found the right place.

At Ample we know that from time to time you can have a natural reaction to a messed up world. You are NOT messed up.

We know that when you focus on your talents, you outshine your darkness. 

We want to show you how to find your passions, what lights you up, what makes you feel most alive and what allows you to live in a state of creative flow. 

Personal development is a money making industry like any other. 

However, it should be one with the most integrity. 

I’ve worked in personal development for about twenty years, I have become increasingly aware of practitioners of ‘healing arts’ who ‘poke at your pain’ to extract money from you.

Ample is another word for saying ‘enough or more than enough; plentiful’. We show you how to remove the blocks that may have been put in your way to seeing that. 

  • We work within businesses as a team full of self-belief makes a vibrant successful company. 

  • We work within universities as no student should feel like they what to die when they are at a point when they are meant to be having the time of their lives. 

  • We teach en masse to make personal development affordable for all.

  • And we create community based projects as loneliness is the biggest killer of creativity. 

We are Ample, not a bunch of fluffy do-gooders, we are an impassioned team, powerful game changers who don’t take themselves too seriously. 

Please become part of our movement.