WOW - Wisdom on Wednesdays

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Wisdom on Wednesday is weekly live event in Weston super Mare, we cover a variety of topics, spanning from personal development, wellbeing, business events, environmental and lots more.

Cowan House 21 Ellenborough Park N, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1XQ

7.30pm to 9.00pm £10.00

Some of these events are also available to watch live online with a paid ticket. See individual event for details.

  14th November 7.30pm

14th November 7.30pm

How to change your Thoughts and step into your power

Do you have an inner critic running rampant in your mind? Or irritating inner voices and thoughts that you can’t see to turn off? Often this can lead to feelings of anxiety and stress.

I’m sure you have been told you need to think positively, but how?!

The annoying truth is you know inside you, you could be doing way better. So you fight way harder and then just get exhausted and feel like giving up the fight.

This talk is transformational. You’re going to learn what does work and how to apply it. One insight can change the course of everything.

  12th December 7.30pm

12th December 7.30pm

Emotional resilience at christmas

As the Christmas lights are being turned on, does your brilliance get turned off over Christmas? When around your family over Christmas, do you find that no matter who you are, or what amazing things you have achieved, you still feel stuck in a time warp about your identity? 

It’s not just the holiday season that can leave us feeling out of touch with our authentic identity.

The many roles we have to play in life are us really stepping into a character. It might not be who we are, but who we need to be to get the job done. This can leave us feeling a little fragmented as we jump from one role to another.

This talk is about how to have emotional resilience around Christmas and the New Year so you can have the best time!